We Buy Houses Nh

At 603 Properties, we’re often asked if we can buy houses in NH that need extensive repairs. The short answer to this question is ‘yes’, we can buy your home in any condition, even under the following circumstances:

  • New roof needed
  • Multiple repairs required
  • Currently under renovation
  • Won’t pass a bank’s inspection
  • Rotten flooring
  • Holes in walls
  • Junk needing to be hauled off

Whatever the issues, whether cosmetic or structural, we’re able to offer you cash for your home as it sits.

5 Problems Our Homebuyers Solve For Our Clients

1. Have you recently inherited a home that costs too much for you to keep? Whether your’e paying on two mortgages or trying to manage the upkeep on more than one property, finances can spiral out of control quickly when an unexpected property lands in your lap. At 603 Properties, we buy houses in NH that have been abandoned, rentals that currently have tenants in them, and houses that are causing our clients financial hardship. Make a call to our office at 603-493-0329 to request a cash offer today.

2. Are you concerned about a lengthy wait to find a buyer? A conventional home sale through a real estate agency could take months or years; we can pay you cash with a fast closing in as little as 7 days when you accept our offer. The ‘perfect’ buyer may never find your home; as your house sits on the markeplace, opportunities may pass you buy. Now is the right time to sell; see our FAQs for more information,

3. Are you thinking about moving to a new location in order to further your career? Whether you’ve already received a job offer or you’re looking to expand your horizons on the jobs market, you’ll need a way to sell your home quickly. We can expedite the process for you by offering you cash for your home and a quick closing. Before you consider another method, spend a few minutes on the phone with our team to learn more about the benefits of taking our instant cash offer.

4. Is your home on the brink of foreclosure? Instead of waiting for years for your credit score to recover, you can sell to us and avoid a foreclosure and the fallout that comes with a bank’s repossession. Even if the process has already started, get in touch with 603 Properties and we’ll make a way for you to pay off your mortgage or a portion of it.

5. Does your home need multiple repairs? Roof replacements, new siding, flooring upgrades, kitchen remodeling, and other home improvement projects can cost a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars- just to bring the home up to code in order to pass an inspection. When you sell to our homebuyers, you can avoid having to make a single repair- we buy houses in NH in any condition. Ugly houses and homes that are unattractive for one reason or another are exactly the kind of homes we’re looking for- call 603 Properties today to request your cash offer.

We Buy Houses Nh