Vander Ranch welcomes all who are buying Midland TX real estate. If the idea of living in the state's top master-planned community sounds good to you, then you are going to love Vander Ranch! Since its inception, Vander Ranch has been carefully planned to serve as an oasis for our residents. Contact Vander Ranch today at 888-735-4485  or click here to fill out the contact form. 

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Vander Ranch

You'll find the best Midland TX real estate right here in Vander Ranch, a master-planned community that has its residents in mind at every step of development. Consider five reasons why you should purchase your new home here:

#1: Exceptional Design

Given that Vander Ranch is a master-planned community in Midland TX, every tree, every shrub, every square foot of pavement, and everything else here has been carefully and meticulously designed to create optimal living conditions for all of our residents. There is plenty of space between homes, and one of the greatest appeals of Vander Ranch is that our residents don't have to deal with the poor conditions of traditionally-planned neighborhoods, which tend to be overcrowded, have high crime rates, and have bad roads.

#2: Exquisite Landscaping

There are plenty of trails, paths, parks, and recreational opportunities in Vander Ranch. Vander Ranch is where you will find the best real estate agents in Midland because we really care about our residents, and we have spared no dollar or resource to create the best neighborhood possible. There is plenty to do for members of all families of all ages.

#3 Competitive Prices

At Vander Ranch, we offer competitive prices. That means that our residents get to enjoy the peace and beauty of one of Texas's best-planned communities at a highly affordable price. Floor plans in Vander Ranch vary, so there are plenty of options for homebuyers who are in the market for Midland TX real estate.

#4: Stabilized Values

One of the best things about living in a master-planned community, like Vander Ranch, is that our residents don't have to worry about who lives next door or down the street. In other words, the person who lives next to you can't devalue your property. Vander Ranch is in an HOA, meaning that all homeowners are responsible for the upkeep of their properties.

#5: Excellent Neighborhoods

When you select your real estate agent in Midland, make sure that the neighborhood has been developed by a top-notched, reputed developer, like here at Vander Ranch. Here, not only does everything look lovely on the surface, but all of the sewage, trash collection, and every aspect of living have been excellently planned as well.

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