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Foreclosures In Grants Pass Oregon

Foreclosure is no doubt one of the most daunting things you can go through as a homeowner. When you’re unable to stop the process, you lose your home, which places you and your family in a vulnerable and desperate situation. As if that’s not enough, you’ll have trouble getting a new creditor to offer you another mortgage. In some cases, previous homeowners have to wait for at least five years before anyone is willing to finance them to buy a new home.

Outside the real estate industry, residents who get foreclosures in Grants Pass Oregon may not be able to get car loans or other types of credits. Interest rates on credit cards increase and potential employers may consider you a security risk if they see a foreclosure record on your credit report.

REI Solutions LLC is here to prevent any of these possibilities from happening. We are ready to buy your house during pre-foreclosure to give you a chance to settle your debt and avoid any detrimental consequences as a result of Grant Pass foreclosures.

Can You Sell a House That’s Already in Foreclosure?

The law allows you to sell your house even after your bank or lender has initiated the foreclosure process. As long as the bank has not yet found a buyer for your home, you’re still the legal owner. Selling such a house provides you with capital to settle your mortgage balance, interests, and any penalties you may have incurred. If you’re able to do this, you can walk away without a foreclosure on your credit report, which will protect your future financial interests.

Our company offers Grants Pass OR foreclosures and foreclosed homes for sale, so if you’re in pre-foreclosure, we are happy to take the house off your hands. With us, you don’t have to worry about repairs or any attempts at making the house presentable. We take the house as-is, saving you the hassle of remodeling costs at a time when you’re already facing financial hardship.

REI’s home buying process involves an evaluation of your home in regards to status, location, and current market. You can, therefore, be assured that our pricing will be fair and much better compared to what other companies offering foreclosed homes for sale in Grants Pass OR present.

What Next After Selling Your House to Us?

When you are ready to get back into the real estate market to look for a new house after dealing with or avoiding foreclosure, you could be looking for a budget option residence that will not leave you in the same financial stress as the previous one did.

In this case, we’ll show you some of our Grants Pass foreclosed homes for sale that are available at much lower prices compared to other listed properties. 

Get the Best Solution for Your Home

As you can see, REI Solutions LLC not only helps you to avoid foreclosure but is also here to assist you in finding your next new home. Many residents facing foreclosures in Grants Pass Oregon have been relieved through our services. Call us today on (541) 500-0158 for more information about our Grants Pass Bank owned properties in OR.