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If you are thinking of selling your house, then you’ve probably wondered how much its worth. One buyer may be willing to pay more than the other. So, how do you reach a sweet spot with a price that will attract buyers and put more cash in your pocket?

The value of a house isn’t so easily quantifiable. Even if the memories you have of your home are priceless to you, you can’t get a better deal with a family photo album. As such, you have to find a more objective method of pricing your property. At BuybyeHoldings Arizona we buy houses, at a price that’s fair to both parties and with zero closing costs.

How to Determine the Worth of Your House?

For you to know the real value of your property, you should:

Analyze Your Own Comparable

You need to understand the factors that influence the value of your home to help you come up with realistic expectations of the selling price. The factors include:

  • Home Size and Age – If your home is large, with extra bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, swimming pools, and outdoor entertainment areas, it will be more pricy. On the contrary, an older house with fewer amenities will have a lesser value unless its renovated.
  • Location of the House A house located near a city, social amenities, like shops, restaurants, and shopping malls, will cost more than those away from the city.
  • Economic Conditions – When economic conditions are favorable, more people have an income and can afford to buy homes, thus hiking property prices. Selling at this point means your house will fetch a good price.
  • Sale History in Your Locality – A home recently sold in your locality might be similar to yours but has a pool. As such, it will have more value than yours. You can research the price of the pool and deduct it from the house selling price to estimate your home’s value.

Comparable properties can give you a rough estimate of your home, but you should use them alongside other tools.

Using Online Valuation Tools

These include tools such as the home value calculator. It’s easy to use and utilizes the information you provide about your property to calculate an approximate value of your home.

Utilize Comparison Tools

There are several tools and websites you can use to evaluate house comps. Here are some that you might want to consider as you put together your list:

  • Homesnap – This search portal provides detailed information on home value. Some of the information includes photos, sales history, in-depth information on the homes. It helps you compare your house with others and get an idea of its rate. Homesnap will immediately alert you of new listings, price changes, and any other market updates in the zip codes you want to watch.
  • Neighborhood Scout – This tool is designed for real estate investors, but you can also determine the amount your home will sell for. It utilizes custom analytics to give information on home values.

Get Real Value for Your Home

At BuybyeHoldings, we’re investors who buy houses as-is for cash. We adopt a simple accept, sign, and sell principle which eliminates middle-men and allows you to deal with us directly. That will ensure you get a great deal for your house on a cash offer. If you’re in Arizona we buy houses. Call us today on (480) 201 5533 to sell your home fast.

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